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The Power of Knowing Your Purpose

You may ask, what’s so important about finding your purpose in life? Why should you go through all the time and effort to discover your purpose and then discover that you also must live a life dedicated to that purpose?

For most people, it’s important enough just to get through the day? So, why do you need to live life on purpose?

"Knowing your purpose means you know your direction in life..."

Let me share a list of fifteen things that Purpose gives you. Once you realize how fulfilling and powerful it is to have a meaningful life filled with purpose, you can determine its importance for yourself.

1. Focus – Knowing your purpose means you know your direction in life. That clarity of vision alone lets you know where to concentrate your energy. It’s how we get things done. By clearing out the distractions and only working on one thing, you’re going to accomplish more than you would if your attention were divided. This type of focus leads to success in life!

2. Meaning – Knowing your purpose lets you know your reason for being on planet Earth. Knowing what motivates you makes your life worthwhile, and provides understanding of why we’re here. This aspect is what gives importance and meaning to your life.

3. Passion –Focusing on your purpose, allows you to identify your passion. This knowledge propels you forward in your purpose and keeps you going even when things around you might make life discouraging or difficult. But more than that, passion is the excitement that makes things happen. You can’t have that without purpose first.

4. Clarity – Knowing your purpose gives you a very clear view of what you want to accomplish – and how. This clarity enables you to put your focus on where you need to, so that you accomplish the important things. But more than that, transparency helps to resolve what your goals are, and give you a vision of the future, and a plan of how to get there.

5. Fulfillment – With purpose things happen. We start to accomplish more, and in so doing, wind up having more of a positive impact on those around us. There’s nothing more gratifying than knowing you’re making a difference.

6. Fit in – When we know our purpose in life, we also know where we belong. Knowing our goals enables us to find or even to build communities that matter. We reach out and discover like-minded individuals and aren’t so alone anymore. Our purpose is what helps us to feel like we’re at home.

7. Honor – We form our values when we decide what’s right or wrong – generally regarding our actions. By knowing our purpose, we also know our boundaries. We know what we’re trying to accomplish and how – and what’s right or wrong for us to do in so achieving that goal. It’s that clarity of purpose then that allows us to act with integrity. So long as we stay true to our purpose, then we’re staying true to ourselves, and to our moral code.

8. Trust – Oddly enough, individuals who have a solid sense of purpose report that they trust others more and that people know more of what to expect from them. When you convey your purpose to others in a way they can understand, they’ll also resonate with your motivation and goals. And you with theirs. That leads to trust all around.

9. Choice – When you have a definite purpose it means you’re the one making all the choices. In determining what you want out of life, and where you want to go, you’re also choosing how to get there. Freedom means you are the one in charge of your destiny. The amazing thing is this happens the moment you decide your purpose.

10. Grace – There is a certain elegance to living your life with purpose. One who is resolved in their direction and has a clear plan on how to carry it out can then do so with grace. Acting with purpose lends dignity to your life that others cannot help but notice.

11. Ease – When you know where you’re going, it’s so much easier to see what you need in your life, or to DO in your life to get where you want to be. A purpose then makes your decisions easier – everything boils down to whether or not a thing is in line with your purpose. Such simplicity means you’re living your life with absolute ease that is missing from the lives of those without purpose.

12. Flow – From grace, we find our flow. Decisions become clear, and we can relax and move with the moment. Our lives gain a flow, as we come to embrace whatever comes next.

13. Impact – Purpose means we have a positive direction. Applying that purpose to the world around us then means moving at least your portion of the world in that same direction right along with you. Purpose applied to your community then becomes an impact. You decide if you will make a positive or negative impact. It’s an exciting idea to think that your purpose carries an inherent legacy. Knowing your purpose allows you to leave your mark on the world.

14. Confidence – Just the very act of having a clear purpose gives you confidence that the world can’t help but notice. When you realize what you’re here for, you not only act differently (more in keeping with your purpose) but you even uphold yourself differently. Living that purpose means that you’re a force to be reckoned with. Embrace that bold new you!

15. Fun – Lastly, life is a whole lot more fun when you have a purpose. Rather than dragging yourself through the day only to do the same old things, you have something more significant in your life to work toward, to embrace. This purpose means you’re living in the moment – and getting things done. What’s more, just by throwing yourself into this, you’re going to automatically have fun. You experience the excitement of doing what you love – every single day. What’s more fun than that?

With so many great things happening when you find your purpose, you can’t help but realize that there’s a lot of power in living for something bigger than just the mundane and ordinary life you’ve had until now. Seizing your purpose means pursuing your destiny. You’re the one in charge; you’re the one who’s acting. That makes you stronger and surer than you ever have been in your life.

Your purpose has power like you never believed possible! Let’s find out how to grasp hold of that power for yourself next.

Still struggling with finding your purpose? Schedule an appointment today.

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